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Unbridled Horror.

This story tells us about the teenage-girl, who once has awaken in a strange place. She doesn't remember, what's happened to her and she doesn't know, where she is. Will you help her to remember everything? Overcome the fears? Find the way home? Or you will live her alone in such ominous place forever?

Zaloop Game.

The story of how a simple guy wanted to become a professional detective. He is an intern. He is doing an internship at a hotel where a person went missing. His task is to find everything that will help in the search for a person.

Momo Game.

short first-person horror game.
The rules of the game are simple:
1) Do not let momo turn off all the lights.
2) Hold for "6" hours (min ~5).


This story tells us about the guy who just moved into the new house. Everything was fine, until strange things began to happen in the house. In this house there is someone else. Will you help the protagonist understand this?


You have moved to a new, rented apartment where inexplicable things happen.


Somnium Pre-Alpha,
Retsnom Krad: Episode 1,
CoronaVirus 2.0.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Coronavirus-2.0-Windows.zip 226 MB
Darkrite-Mac.zip 108 MB
Darkrite-Windows.zip 167 MB
MomoGame-Windows.rar 165 MB
ParaGame-Mac.zip 213 MB
ParaGame-Windows.zip 319 MB
Retsnom-Krad-1-Mac.zip 337 MB
Retsnom-Krad-1-Windows.rar 403 MB
Somnium-Pre-Alpha-Windows.zip 494 MB
uh_global_win32_1.7.0.zip 677 MB
uh_global_win64_1.7.0.zip 771 MB
Ui-ban-Mac.zip 98 MB
Ui-ban-Windows.zip 117 MB
ZaloopGame-Mac.zip 630 MB
ZaloopGame-Windows.zip 697 MB