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good game, but quickly repetitive went to lvl 15 what is the point of gold? can you buy things for your next run?


Nice game, noticed the new monster at level 30 only gives 50 points instead of the incremental +50 that the other monster had given. Also, after 20 or so levels the level generation starts taking a while and maps become pretty large maybe cap how large it can get. 

Opinion: dino and wiz aren't very different I think a nice way to mitigate that is by making the dino shoot faster and the wiz slower but making his bolts aoe. The knight feels much stronger than the other two simply because waiting for spikes takes a long while and all characters can one shot all monsters anyways plus there's no incentives to kill the monsters. Also, maybe ramp up the damage on the later monsters to increase difficulty. GL.

Hey. I listened to you and added a number of changes to the game.

Added some differences between dino and mage.

Added new monsters, each with their own behavior and health.

New points system and integration directly into google play.

And minor fixes, improvements. Thank you very much for your support. :3


Very fun little game so far! 

If you could add more gamepad support that would be awesome. It seems that movement is auto supported on a gamepad but I can't find an attack or restart button.

Hey. Thanks for the answer. I have added gamepad support."Left = play" also added gamepad support.


Very cool! Works a lot better now with gamepad support. I like the particle effects a lot and how you change characters too, kinda like Trine.