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SKIP TO 11:13!!!


Dude, stop with the damn spam. This game has been released, we know, we don't need like 20 additional emails telling us this.

Unsubscribe from the mailing list and sleep well.

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Which one do i download ?

There is 2 zip files.


nvm ,one is Windows and one is MAC


Windows -

Mac -

100 copies of Zaloop Game to WIN on

Check out!

Enjoy! :)


Very good game , nice job ! ;) My gameplay is here ^^

It is very cool. Thank You! 




Да-да. Спасибо! :)

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Hello , the game seemed to be good, too bad to be blocked in the code, I don't speak Russian so I don't understand it, however I have the 5 digits but don't work , code is for me 17310


Hey. Find another number. The password for the safe is six-digit.
You can change the language of the game in the settings.
Enjoy! :)

Ok thanks !