Update 1.6.0

[Update 1.6.0]

[All versions]
1) Updated light (final).
2) Updated shadows (pre-final).
3) Updated textures.
4) Updated materials.
5) Updated FXAA anti-aliasing (x5-HQ).
6) Updated colliders.
7) Updated system of interaction with objects.
8) Updated geometry.
9) Updated flashlight.
10) Updated bathroom, living room, shelter and kitchen.
11) Updated build method.
12) Updated some icons.

Fixed bug with disappearing sounds of steps.
Fixed a bug with automatic death in the forest.
Fixed bug with loading multiple levels.
Fixed bug with antagonist physics.
Fixed a bug with a flashlight.
Fixed a bug with lamps.
Fixed a bug with matches in the forest.
Fixed a bug with a fire in the forest.
Fixed a bug in first-aid kits in the house.
Fixed a bug with the yellow key.
Fixed bugs with physics objects.
Fixed bugs with various sounds.

[Known Issues]
1) The appearance of bright pixels in random places with MSAA anti-aliasing.
2) The disappearance of items from the inventory (occurs during the save load).


uh_itch_all_1.6.0.rar 520 MB
Apr 06, 2019
UDKGame.app.zip 430 MB
Apr 06, 2019

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