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LostRoom - is a short first person horror game.

You were left at home alone. Are you sure there is no one else here?

W/A/S/D - walk
E/LMB - interact
Left Shift - run
Left CTRL - crouch
F - flashlight (if you have)
L - lighter (if you have)

Updated 16 days ago
Published 27 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
GenreAdventure, Survival
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Halloween, Horror, Psychological Horror, Roguelike, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


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I played this game for my channel and I was not disappointed. I noticed others had an some problems figuring out what to do, I personally did not have any issues. I love scary games and this one in my opinion was well put together. The scares were just right and the enemy provided a good level of stress lol :P. I would recommend this game. I linked my game play below, if you like the video please consider subscribing.

Disappointing! I couldn't pick up any candles (despite there being prompts to do so), so I got stuck in the dark and couldn't continue.
Also the player-character has to pick up their "toys" in the beginning, yet they are clearly of adult/teen height?

good game, sometimes I didn't know exactly what to do when 

My only wish was that the controls and immediate objectives had ben a bit more clear. Great game otherwise

I love the moment right when I begin going down the basement stairs. The creeps are definitely present. I understand this is a jam jam, so there's a limited amount of time for development. The basic objective and gameplay was pretty traditional for indie horror. I'm curious, is there the possibility of escaping if you pick up the key and get around the beast? Or is it pretty much the way it is? Either way, keep on creating!

Good work!

Good game.

Gameplay BR

Mice work! Loved the chase scene, super creepy stuff! I had to restart after I got stuck in the dark lol but loved the game! 


jumpscares are cheap... i like when horror games rely on actual terror, horror, being unsettling, not just jumpscares its boring and cheap

I gave it some tries! Nice game !!!!

Oh man, the monster looks like inspector gadget! got me a couple a times, look forward to more of your work!

How do I get out of here? Check it out and subscribe!


Excelent game. (Gameplay comentado en español)

 If you want to see this game just skip to the first game. I played 5 free horror games. If you want to see the whole video ill appreciate It. Subscribe If You Choose To. Thank You For Your Time

Pro Tip: You will have to perform a task that won't seem as obvious at first, but "the action, the verb, is the button you press." ANYWAY, I decided to play this game after playing it on FRIGHT (because I didn't beat it). AND now I beat it. Here's my run through. It's shorter than my other videos!

Okey, I'm gonna be honest, this game is not good, but it's not bad either. It has a couple of things done right, like the one and only jumpscare that there is, but other than that is not really scary, it's, actually, more funny than scary. Come watch me and my awesome voice and have a laught with me.

The atmosphere in this game was super scary. Well done! 

Great job, man! Glad I stumbled onto this. Everyone, if you're reading this, give this game a try. I thought it was well worth it! 

Today we're diving into the world of what it's like to be home alone when your parents go out. It's safe. Nothing can hurt you here. Or can it? Are you sure there is no one else here? Welcome to the lost room.


new hilarious video up on this check it out 


I'd say it was interesting and did get me here and there. Should definitely rework on the text but still enjoyed it.


A lot of fun, although it is a bit confusing about what to do once you get out of the basement. Glad I got the actual ending on my second playthrough, looking forward to seeing how the story continues.

Very interesting home layout and quite a nice and tense atmosphere. Little loud on the jumpscares but overall fascinating and leaves me wanting to know more.

Hey. Thanks. I love your video. To be continued. And please do not forget to rate. :3


Thanks I am glad you liked it, and thanks for the reminder I actually forgot to do that whoops.


Hoe Lee Crap/ This game was fun. A few scares got me, but that damn key triggered me XD. I am looking forward to the full release and what kind of mystery is afoot. Never thought I would say that lol. Your game is the third. Enjoy!

Hey. Glad you like it. I liked your video, I appreciated it. xD Continuation follows. Don't forget to rate the game. Thanks. :3



He's hungry

Yes. Thanks. I appreciated your video. :3


Those jumpscares really got me lmao, I really enjoyed it ;)

here's some gameplay


Hey. Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I appreciate your video. Don't forget to rate the game. Thanks again. :3

Dang those jump scare were loud. I loved it lol. Nice short horror experience.

I screamed like a girl in this game. The atmosphere towards the end is intense, great job with the music and sound effects to make it intense. 

This was SUCH A GOOD GAME!!!! I was away from youtube for a while but i'm glad that I made my comeback with this game because my reactions were hilarious! Can't wait to see more from you guys!

A very strange, bizarre game that has a couple of good scares along the way, you play as a child who needs to tidy up before his parents come home.... however as you do, you start to feel you are probably not alone.

The graphics and assets used in the game are nice, the rooms are not over cluttered or too scarce of objects, the hallway looks vcry similar to another game called "echo"  and had a very p.t kind of vibe about it.

Overall an enjoyable experience, sadly it was not that scary (probably from all the horror games played) but a nice addition to the genre non the less.

Okay... reading through the comments, I see that people actually played the game and got somewhere. I got to the part where the lights turn off and I have to head to the basement, but I wasn't able to do anything... Like I couldn't interact with anything and I DID HAVE THE LIGHTER... Anyway, this was the third game I played on Fright #11. I'll think about doing a follow up of the full game.

Skip to 16:13 for this game's gameplay.

Some of the jumpscares really got me haha cheers! 

Hey great game! Gave me the chills, continue with the good work

Really spooky

Scared me good! 

Awesome game, great job!! <3


Loved it. A great short horror game. 


Glad you like it. Thank you very much. :3


If you like suspense  and  JUMP scares with a splash of silly, this is your game!
From the monster to the atmosphere I loved every minute of it, I can't wait to play more games from you! 

Hey. Thank you so much. I love your video. See my other games. :3


Despite the poor grammar, it was good. I got scared a few times. It was funny, scary and random. I love the fact I'm a full grown man picking up my toy blocks. The monster is well designed and I would love to see more from you!

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